NOT Overflatebehandling is a major Norwegian metal-finishing enterprise specialising in high-performance, high-tech products. Among the toughest coatings we offer Xylan, phosphate, bead blasting, grit-blasting and industrial paint jobs.

A part of BR Industrier

NOT Overflatebehandling AS - High-tech finishes
A company in the group of Norsk Overflate Teknikk

NOT Overflatebehandling AS was certified to NS-EN ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004

NOT Overflatebehandling AS is a major player in Norway when it comes to high-tech surface treatments for offshore products, defence contracts and mechanical industry. We offer Xylan and Phosphating. Grit-blasting and paintwork according to Norsok Standard M-501 or customer specifications. We also offer a special high-gloss paint system for those parts that need exceptional finish and shine. Documentation and inspection by Frosio-certified personnel.

The company have 3 different departments:

Dep. 100: Xylan and Phosphate
Dep. 200: Grit-blasting and paintwork
Dep. 300: Acid washed stainless steel

Customers have different requirements for different components. Xylan is the finish of choice for extreme environments, as in subsea installations. Colour options include high-visibility finishes for use under water. By extending lifetimes, Xylan helps reduce overall operating costs. Xylan can be applied with different qualities.

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